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Some of Ongoing Projects
company logo Balarood Dam and Diversion Tunnel

In Progress

Balarood Reservoir Dam and diversion tunnel is located in khouzestan province on Balarood river. This Dam is established to control huge floods of Balarood and providing water for 12600 hectares ...

company logo Golestan administrative-commercial complex

In Progress

This complex is under construction with 167000 square meters located in Tehran which consists 2 towers of 33 floors with concrete structure.

company logo Tazekand Dam and Related STR

In Progress

using the Sambourchai river and its branches sudden seasonal flood potentiality to optimize agricultural lands irrigation in 6.3 million cubic meter of 507 hectares, providing 5.2 million cubic meter of drinking water to Tazeh Kand town and ....

Some of Completed Projects
company logo Abivard Diversion Dam (Zanglanlu)


The aim of this project is transferring water from Zangelanlu drainage area to Shurkal drainage area and watering Dargaz Southeast lands and finally storing oversupply water for watering Lotf ...

company logo Abyek Cement Factory- Line 2


This project includes exciting construction developing plan of Abyek cement second production line which were executed separately from available plant structures

company logo Karoon 4 Dam


Karoon 4 storage dam and power plant is located in charmahal Bakhtiari province in order to supply hydroelectricity and control flood on the upper location of Karoon 3 dam. This project includes dam body excavation and coffer dam operation management.