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About Us


OMRAN MAROON Engineers Company

OMRAN MAROON Engineers Company (OMEC) was founded in 2000 as a private company and contractor company. Ever since, OMEC has started on the path of helping the steady progress of the country by using experienced managers, experts and engineers; and relying on national effort. Acquiring an impeccable reputation, OMEC has built a successful career in exporting technical and engineering services while it still aspires to open door to new horizons for all businesses all around the world.

According to the ranking of Iranian Management and Planning Organization (MPO), OMEC is ranked first in construction of a variety of structures including buildings, water-supply facilities, roads and transportation systems, equipment and installations; MPO is one of the largest governmental establishments in Iran who rates the engineering companies by giving the 1st rank to the ones with the highest technical abilities.

OMRAN MAROON Engineers Company (OMEC) was also ranked fifth in fields of industry, mining, oil and gas by Iranian Management and Planning Organization. several projects are either in progress or have been fully executed by OMEC for construction of national and international dam and power plants, roads, tunnels, subway stations as well as mass construction of residential, commercial and official complexes, cement factories and water transfer canals.

Benefiting from highly-trained and committed personnel, a vast variety of machineries and equipment and a long experience in executing huge civil projects; OMEC has become one of the leading engineering companies in the country which has also started to enjoy success in international arenas as far as it has established several branches in countries such as Oman, Iraq, Greece, Kazakhstan and particularly in Tajikistan where it has also executed large-scale projects.


Integral Management System Policy

The following items are high on our agenda which is aimed at satisfying the clients’ needs, protecting the environment and observing the safety and hygiene of human resources who are a company’s most valuable asset:

Providing the clients with ever-increasing satisfaction.

Obtaining adequate profit and decreasing overhead costs.

Promoting the Health of personnel.

reducing the number of work accidents.

Managing the energy and environment.

Achieving the above-mentioned objectives is possible through adopting the following solutions:

comprehensive understanding of client`s requirements and fulfilling them in accordance with the accepted commitments.

Development of local and foreign markets.

Using capable and committed contractor companies for executing the contracts.

Launching an appropriate and updated management system for meeting the time schedule and project control principles.

Abiding by the environmental, safety and health rules and regulations which are applicable to workplace conditions.

Recording and analyzing the accidents and semi-accidents in order to decrease them in the company.

Launching the knowledge management system and Institutionalizing researches and studies as a learning organization.

Paying attention to quality and quantity simultaneously and consistently.


Branches in the World

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